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Hills In Iowa is a two person project created for the sole purpose of trying to remain occupied during the past summer. Although the members were in their respective bands at the time, they thought that it would be fun to borrow a friend's 4-track, lock themselves in apt #2, and see what could come of it.

Two nights later...their tape was found....oooooo....

For some reason, you might be sitting there asking yourself, "self, how did the band's name come about?" Well, there just so happens to be a reason for the name, and it wasn't create out of a drunken stupor either. One day, one of the members, Joe, was looking at the other member's, Jennifer, personal web page. It so happened Joe noticed that listed as one of the things Jennifer hated, since she attends college in Iowa, was "hills in iowa." Joe, laughing, thought it would be funny to name the little project they had going as such. It's not the most exciting story, but there you have it.