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Kicked Out Spokes

Self-Splitting Used to Be

Love is thinning it's aging covering less and less of us nearly gone topped off with the answers just enough to fill where the truth was no one's who they used to be children growing to a halt we used to shine seeing the glow fade to men layers piled on dig for what used to be right there

No one's who they used to be anymore

Upreaching arms of hope tired and burning into spite I won't leave this I can't stop reaching dreams that mean too much I'll still long for the beautiful an ever-touching sad song you and I the good times to cry for and when we used to be forever

We used to be forever

What can we say for changes inspiration gone cold or just giving in not just fading disappearing standing alone for what used to be ours I still remember I refuse to forget tears and a loss soul on soul the stars haven't faded yet

One way trip opposing directions say you'll go my way

Too Intellectual For My Own Good

When your life is full of meaningless things and your time is spent on arguing when it seems this world is against all you believe don't waste your time get on your knees

I don't want to go away if you're not going I'm not going to be here to see the world die to see the world burn I'm not going to stay to see you cry in agony I don't want to go away

Don't sing the same song that this world sings don't play the games thta this world brings I want to know what it's like when your life's so empty and you know there's more but you won't take more

Where is your eternity

Sunny Mornings

And I should never lie to you I hope everyone will see avoid the truth that hurts too this hurts you more than it hurts me mime the other necessary reciprocation

Leave it at that tell me it's ok cry for hours

Empty and hanging on for nothing, nothing ever means a thing shallow thoughts of thoughtful times and sunny mornings empty this is not who I am tell me what I'm thinking so I'll know what to say cry for hours to send this away

And I should watch you back away walking on a wire and I should know just what to say time and time again a position filled forced feelings at stake

Reassurance in unsureness cry for hours

My Name is Failure-His Name is Life

Through human eyes I see your grace it's overwhelming speechless I stand in your holiness tears flow when I am weak and I have nowhere to run I will run to you and lay at your feet and take a deep breath of your presence I will run to you, you will open your arms out wide you will say "I love you" you are my strength my God you are my comfort and my refuge I struggle to crawl my heart is with you if anything Lord carry me