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(for the ultimate fan who checks the page's what's been going on with the page lately...)

9-28-99: New pictures, from this century at least, are up...check em out...ROck!...-Jenny-

9-23-99: So, I fixed up the pictures page. It's a little more organized now cuz I made all of the images thumbnails. So, hopefully this will allow the page to run faster. Plus, there is ONE new picture up, more will be coming very soon. The cover for the new cd is up on the discography page. And that's about it...-Jenny-

8-04-99: First of all, I apologize for taking so long to actually getting around to making upsates to each page. Lately I've just been having enough time to throw new shows on without changing the updates date. Anyway, so there's new shows for August, along with a tour. Hopefully new pictures will be up soon, as soon as I get my hands on a scanner. But that should be it...we're done...-Jenny-

6-02-99: More shows, check 'em out...-Jenny-

5-24-99: Hey there kidz. Well, I put some more info on some of the upcoming shows so check that out. I just added a link to a Tobey Maguire girls go and check that out, it's good! And if you guys feel so inclined to check it out, be my guest. Alright, that be it...word out! -Jenny-

5-05-99: Happy Cinco de Mayo!!! I'm not sure what the point of this day is but if anyone knows...let me know. Anyway, so there's more shows, so check them out! If there's anyone that is interested in booking us for this summer, we'll be more than happy to ROck for you. Just go to the contacts page and drop us a line. Aight, that be it for now...word out!-Jenny-

4-26-99: new shows, check 'em out! Some of the details on a few of them are still being worked out though. Still, if anyone has pictures from shows, let me know, I'm looking for some big time! I'll even put your name next to the picture if you send them in...-Jenny-

4-13-99: ok, the tentative tour dates are up now...if anyone has pictures frrom past shows that we don't have, could you let me know, just email me. Alright, that's it for now...-Jenny-

4-12-99: so, the mailing list is finally up and working, so please check it out, this way everyone can keep even more up-to-date on the latest TFSU news. I'm currently working on getting cities and maybe even dates for the upcoming tour. So, that be it...word out...-Jenny-

3-20-99: ok, check out the NEWS page for the latest from TFSU. I'm not really in a good mood right now, sorry, I have strep throat and am hoping that it goes away by the time we record or else there will be problems. So, that's all for now...-Jenny-

3-07-99: hey there, I just got back from spring break and from being sick for a whole week..oh poor me:( Well, there's some new SHOWS and some pretty big NEWS involving the band so be sure to check it out! That's all for now...-Jenny-

2-21-99:ok, so the shows page has been updated multiple times with cancellations, new shows, and what-not...also, I have been trying to get the sounds up, I know-I'm an sure to check out the NEWS section for up-to-date info on tours and what-not...also new links are up, check 'em out! -Jenny-

2-01-99: Ahhh yes, the beginning of the blessed month of FEBRUARY!!!! The end of this month will mark the one year anniversary of the band...whoo-hoo!!! Look for a celebration of sorts in the future! Anyway, the SHOWS page has been updated even more! We've gotten another show and plus the details of the other up and coming shows have been posted. Again, if there are any questions pertaining to shows or booking, email at! hope to see some of you kids at the shows! -Jenny-

1-27-99:SHOWS! SHOWS! SHOWS! check out the shows page for current as well as past shows...hope to see some of you people there! -Jenny-

1-16-99:Well, I hope everyone had a fun new year and all. Sorry it's been so long since the last update but I just got back to school (I don't have a computer at home). I added some shows and news so be sure to check those out, hopefully I can work on the links some more soon. -Jenny-

12-07-98: The shows page has been updated, as much as it can anyway, and I will eventually get off my ass and get the sounds and links pages looking decent. So, stay tuned!-Jenny-

11-30-98: Ok, so I got some more lyrics up...I'm currently still working on sounds and links, they shall be up with time...hopefully everything's working as it should...-Jenny-

11-18-98: Since I've been working my butt off on this site, it has actually gotten somewhere...all of you kids better appreciate me! Anyway, I've almost everything set up, except for the sounds and a few more images and hang in there guys, I know you can do it!!!! -Jenny-

11-14-98: Well, welcome to the new and improved TFSU site! There was a bit of a takeover here...since our former guitarist was running this page, I felt that he shouldn't have to put up with this responsiblility, so I took over. So, some stuff might not be working currently...PLEASE, be patient...thanks! -Jenny-

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